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Today we are launching a new site that would help us spread the word about Phalcon and show where Phalcon is used, whether this is production applications, hobby projects or tutorials.


Taking the example from our friends at AngularJS we have cloned their repository and we have Phalcon-ized it. Special thanks to the AngularJS team as well as Ole Aass who is leading the project.

The new site has a very easy interface that users can navigate to and even search for projects with tags. You can add your own project by simply cloning our repository and adding your project as well as a logo and screenshots and then issue a pull request for it to appear in the live site.

Looking forward to seeing your projects listed up there!

<3 The Phalcon Team

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    Jul 12/15 at 06:07

    If there's something not mentioned in the survey, respond to this thread with whatever you want to share. As long as it's relevant to the survey and or conference.

    Jul 3/15 at 03:02

    Models allow you to implement events that will be thrown when performing an insert/update/delete. They help define business rules for a certain model. The following are the events supported by Phalcon\Mvc\Model and their order of execution:

    Jul 3/15 at 02:57

    I think there is one very important matter of the conference and this matter is not pointed in the survey.

    This matter is location, I mean here the continent where the conference is going to take place. The question about a fee is in euro, so is the conference is going to take place in Europe?

    Then, the issue is what country and city.

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