how to tell if an attribute exists

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I'm using $attribValue = $this->readAttribute(AppModel::FIELD); to get the value of this model/attribute.

If the field not exists, I have value is $attribValue = null, but the field, if exists, can contain null values too.

so ... how do I know if the field/attribute exists and what its value?

sorry for my english

Jul 3/15 at 02:20 2 Answers 22 Views -1

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    Jul 7/15 at 04:03

    Just to mention it: both method_exists() and is_callable() return true for inherited methods:

    Jul 3/15 at 02:20

    You can try override readAttribute($attribute) function in your model

    For example:

    public function readAttribute($attribute)
        if(!isset($this->{$attribute})) {
            return false; // or throw new \Exception("lore ipsum");
        return parent::readAttribute($attribute);

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